Saturday, March 10, 2012

what i need to do for the next 3 month.

urghh.. i hate listing out things i wanna do and end up not fulfilling any of it.but somehow this is an effort for me to remind myself that Please do something about this list..!hehe..

ok so many things in mind that i want to make sure it's working.

  • start crafting alot more
  • start selling my crafting stuff 
  • start saving money
  • start earning more money (doing OT like hell)

instead of all this my heart say please get this things:

  • samsung galaxy note ( this will definitely boost my motivation to   design my crafting stuff!and manage my list of schedule.. durrghh)
  • buy cameras for my graduation in May.(durghh not everyday you graduate right?i have the right to get pretty pictures!)
  • send baju tu be made for my convocation in May(durghh i need to look pretty on my big day right?)
  • buy collagen drink to make sure my face is as smooth as baby skin hihi :)
  • buy shoes for my convocation.(again durghhhh..)

so how to reached the first listed things? i have no idea :(

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