Saturday, February 25, 2012

I miss u labu :(

I miss him.. Doesn't, know how to describe this feeling.i just miss him so badly till I cry.. I going to go through a tough week on my job next week. I need his encouragement words so badly that I can survived for the next 5 month. I'm going through PEAK. I won't have enough time to rest and any chance to meet him. That's the reason I cry. I miss u.i really do.i'm sorry.:((

Friday, February 10, 2012

i love craft.i love art.let's go!

these last few days, i notice a market will be held for art lover. so let's go n check it out. waiting for someone to pickmeup an brought me here. puhliiiisssssssss!! :(

i'm going to review what is the best about this market. next going to kinokuniya to check out cool books. c u!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

it was 7th july 2010

it was sunday the day.
it was after magrib.
it was kapal the place.

it was mine favorite until now.
it was his favorite always.

it was white shirt mine.
it was navy grey his.

i was playing a material girl.
he was playing a gentlemen.
both are actually nervous.

it has been 78 weeks*.
it has been 549 days.
it has been 13,176 hours.
it has been 790,560 minutes.
it has been 47,433,600* seconds.

*obviously it is durghhh..or subject to fluctuation of time.hihi