Monday, March 4, 2013

Induction 2weeks

Hmmm today first day as full time penganggur... IT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!hehe

Kerja itu boring. Boring itu kerja...

Im on induction for 2weeks.. Starting today. Bismillahirahmanirahim...

Will review me diet program later.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have one wish since i was a kid. A complete family.yes that is my wish. While others are hoping the best toy to have, the best holiday to look forward to i just want a basic thing in my life.that is family. I was brought up in a broken family.

Until now im 24 years old i still affected by the divorce of my parents.

Everything seems to go well when ayah remarried again.that is one of the best memory i had cherish until now. To me having the motherly figure and fatherly figure around me at the same time when the whole family went out for dinner n shopping it makes me feel confident.i dont know whether u can understand of my feelings that is how i feel when i was in standard 6.

Having makcik around does fulfill a little bit of space left by mama. But not entirely. Makcik is a little bit more sporting interms of our involvement with activities and friends while mama is overprotective. We share a lot of favorites things together. I was happy, untill a few years back makcik gave birth to a little tahfiz in the making. Allah test my family again. One after one reason being brought up to continue the madness quarrel.i was in uni at that time. Again i was affected. :'(

I volunteer to be the middle person to get my family back together.i thought i was strong enough to handle this.but i failed. And i was blaming my self not trying for the best for my little brother.i dont want him to feel exactly like i do when mama n ayah seperated.

if u think children from a divorce spouse will get over the hurtfull feelings being in broken family you are wrong.until u are the child then you can figure out exactly how i feel.

Today is makcik's birthday, the most sad day for me.because she did not keep her promise to stay n look after my father.:'(

I love u makcik but you are hurting me, ayah n your own son. I was devastated when i know ayah n mkcik had already divorce and mkcik already remarried . I have no idea at all as ayah have been going through this tough time alone.

i love u Ayah.if nobody going to take care of you i will. Im going to make sure you n my little brother doesnt feel lonely when nobody around.

you are the best father in the world. Im proud of you. I love you BZ.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

merajuk dan dipujuk

Kenapa perempuan merajuk? Mesti ade sebab kn.merajuk tu sama je mcm marah tp soft sy merajuk.he said some mean words to me.yes i feel insulted. He tried to pujuk for more than 1 hour.failed. Lastly what he does for me is this....
Mane x cair..:'( cancel merajuk.i censored the face because dia asyik senyum.mcm x ikhlas pn ade mnta maaf.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another date, another mc.

Mc rindu lg harini. 11.50am decide to drive to kl just to hang out with my is insane but we keep on doing it.hehe.sekali sekala wat keje gila just to maintain that sparkle in our relationship.3 hari berturut-turut jumpa x ckup lg mc lagi selang sehari. Spend time eating meatballs ikea and watch spiderman. He teman me drive back to seremban then he took u bus to balik rumah. He is a prince because of hos heart. Iloveulabu.;-)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

mc equals to a date.

Please dont try this at home..hehe
This is the 3446888 times i took an mc just to meet my mr charming.. thankful that Allah give me the chance to meet him, fell in love, and still in love with this charming guy. May Allah bless u are the best.♡ U
He drive me back to seremban, took bus to get back to his home which is in KL.please dont tell me there is any guy exist is more cute than him.
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

what i need to do for the next 3 month.

urghh.. i hate listing out things i wanna do and end up not fulfilling any of it.but somehow this is an effort for me to remind myself that Please do something about this list..!hehe..

ok so many things in mind that i want to make sure it's working.

  • start crafting alot more
  • start selling my crafting stuff 
  • start saving money
  • start earning more money (doing OT like hell)

instead of all this my heart say please get this things:

  • samsung galaxy note ( this will definitely boost my motivation to   design my crafting stuff!and manage my list of schedule.. durrghh)
  • buy cameras for my graduation in May.(durghh not everyday you graduate right?i have the right to get pretty pictures!)
  • send baju tu be made for my convocation in May(durghh i need to look pretty on my big day right?)
  • buy collagen drink to make sure my face is as smooth as baby skin hihi :)
  • buy shoes for my convocation.(again durghhhh..)

so how to reached the first listed things? i have no idea :(

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sweetest day ever.

today at 11.57pm i wrote this note.
sweetest day.
he came all the way from kl+motor rosak+patah balik amik ibu keje+settle motor+dpt pnjam motor= bertolak ke seremban. feels like crying hearing what he had to gone through just to meet me.I LOVE U LABU.I WILL ALWAYS DO.