Monday, January 2, 2012

new year wish list.

  • to start making more more more money, and less spending.
     *so many going through my head right now. if my brain can speak i think it/she/he would say. stop dreaming and just do it B..hahaha

  • to become a wiser muslim, (-.-)

  • to become a responsible daughter to my mum hihi...

  • start dreaming of my dream wedding..hihi
*don't get me wrong, i'm not going to get married any soon. it's just that fun thing that a girl can continue to dream.i'm planning to write a post on every single detail of my dream wedding.does that sounds fun to you? (~.~)

  • find my Mr. Right...of course to complete my dream wedding.hihi.wait should this be first. ahh never mind. 
*double mole.i'm waiting.(o.o)

  • going through and survive during the PEAK/HELL/SUFERRING season for auditors. ( T .T)

  • loose some/little/tiny weight atleast? :P

I gonna survive and complete this list.
watch me. :)
i'm a dragon y'all.

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